46-50 Manual Pack


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1 x 46-50 User Manual (EN)
5 x TP955188 2-way Phoenix Connectors (Degson – 2 Pole, 5mm Pitch Plug)
4 x TP955210 3-way Phoenix Connectors (Degson – 3 Pole, 5mm Pitch Plug)
1 x TP955419 6-way Phoenix Connectors (Degson – 6 Pole, 3.5mm Pitch Plug)
2 x TP955507 3-way Phoenix Connectors (Degson – 3 Pole, 3.5mm Pitch Plug)
1 X MF376100 Control Panel Cover
1 x TL954001 M2HEX Wrench
4 x PA929550 M3X6 SKT BUT HEX


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